We start at the beginning.

First, we set up a consultation.

This starts with a quick and easy online questionnaire. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

At this point, we just need the basic facts, such as who you are, where you are, what your goals are in regards to your web presence, who your peskiest competitors are, and what services you offer.

Once you send your initial questionnaire back, we enter your information into our powerful status tools, and perform a deep scan.

We measure many metrics when running these scans, but the most important metrics include:

Your Google ranking

We measure your average ranking for all the services you offer in a proxy search from every location you perform these services. This lets us get a honest and full idea of where you are at the moment, and where we can help you improve.

Your competitor’s rankings

This is where things get really interesting! We do a deep scan of your four strongest competitors, and see exactly where THEY end up. Just as with your Google rank scan, we proxy search for your services form the locations that you perform these services in.

Your backlink and citation flow

You would be surprised at how many clients of ours thought they had a great inbound traffic profile, when they actually had none. We find out how many LEGITIMATE, HEALTHY backlinks and citations you have coming in, and also how many toxic or questionable ones are there. As with everything else mentioned so far, we check on your competitors’ status as well!

The technical integrity of your website

This is arguably the most important part. You can have a Ferrari sitting in your driveway, but if the engine has a blown rod, its missing a fuel line, and the radiator resembles a hot waffle with syrup pouring out of it, that Ferrari isn’t going to run very well, right? We scan for technical errors, both small and large. From incorrect email settings, to viruses and malware, we see it all

The SEO structure and integrity of your website

Here is when we get into the nitty gritty of your on page SEO. We target items that can be improved upon, are missing, or are completely wrong.

Once we get a full, honest picture of where you currently stand and what we can expect in regards to future performance, we send you a copy of your full scan results and schedule a phone call! If all checks out, and we feel that we can make a major difference in your search engine presence, we will discuss our next steps !