Frequently asked questions

Why is there a discount for WCRA & PWRA members?

As the exclusive SEO provider for the WRCA and PWRA, and as longstanding members ourselves, we pass along savings within our association. Even brand new members and vendors can reap the benefits! Visit or to find more information on how to join these fantastic organizations!

My website was designed by somebody else. Can we still expect to see the same results as if it were designed or overhauled by 462?

In short, no.

Our approach is a holistic approach. We leverage on-site strength with offsite visibility to provide the best results possible. We are not in this to take your money because you want to give it to us, we are here to help your business grow.

However, a strong off-site SEO strategy will improve your rankings, just not as quickly or effectively.

Why is there an application process?

We need to see what your market looks like, and whether or not we can offer you real, tangible results. There are many factors that go into our service, and we refuse to accept money from a business owner if we can’t honestly see real results happening in a suitable time frame. We also need to see that your goals match what we can provide.

For example: A brand new company starts in a major market. Lets say, Manhattan, New York City.

The company’s goal is to be #1 across all five boroughs of New York City in 6 months.

We cannot realistically provide that, nor can anyone, in my opinion. Therefore, we will not be able to work with that company.

Setting realistic expectations without any BS is our whole purpose.

Underpromise, overdeliver.

What is “Service area exclusivity”

As long as you are a paid member of 462 Web Concepts’ family, nobody else in your area can use us without your express written consent.*

Lets say a competitor in your town, or one of the towns you work in comes to us looking for service. Before we even start the application process, you have the yea / nay to let that competitor in.

If you say no, that is that, and we move forward.

On the other hand… Lets say you have a friendly competitor, and you would like to see both of your companies up at the top of Google. Lets us know, we’ll bring them in, and all thrive together while the other guys in your area scratch their heads.

*Service area exclusivity is not available for the Evolution Lite SEO package.

Why is there a 12 month contract?

We have heard many SEO and web design horror stories. A good many of them were valid, but most went “I paid for SEO for 2 months, then turned it off for the winter. Nothing happened, and I’m still not number 1!!!”

Well, things like this take time!

We require a 12 month contract simply so that we have the time to let your web presence grow. We seek to work with serious business owners who are interested in long term growth rather than short term gains.

Imagine you are a winemaker. You crush the grapes, put the juice in the casks, and let them sit there and flourish into a fine wine over time.

If you bottled it and drank it the next day, it would be nothing but grape juice, and that isn’t the goal you set out with.

How long do I have to wait before seeing results?

Although we have a proven track record of overperformance, we will keep this realistic.

For existing businesses, it all depends on your market and who you are competing with.

Typically, within a week or two after completion of your web overhaul, you will see a quick dip in rankings, followed by a strong “POP” in your main areas, with your other areas and keywords beginning to rank as well. In this starting period, we run your reports more often. This is to make sure there are no mishaps, and quite honestly, watching it pop makes us giddy 🙂

Over the next 1-4 months, you should see many of your desired search terms ranking higher, with many of them approaching or on the first page. Your main focus should be ranking #5 or above in both organic and Places results.

Months 4-8, the growth slows, but there is still solid growth. At this point the techniques we utilize move your ranking up in an exponential manner, not linear. With only a few spots left to conquer, its obviously going to need just a little more time on the fire.

Months 8-12, you should be settling into a nice, comfy, high ranking place for most of your desired search terms and locations. There should be multiple #1s in your monthly reports!

There is ALWAYS a little volatility in Google SERPs.

I.E. One month you’re number one, next you’re 2, then you’re 1, then 3, then two, then 1 again.

We keep an eagle eye on these changes, yet small adjustments are nothing to be worried about. Our main focus is making sure there are no big slides, especially over time. If there is, it is our job to address the issue, adjust the method, and bring you back up

What if I don’t see results? Can I get out of my contract?

In order to keep our reputation of openness and honesty, the answer is yes, but with a few caveats:

  • We will let you out your contract if you are not seeing any real upward movement after 6 months.
  • We will void the contract if we have not kept up with our end of the bargain.
  • We will void the contract if there is a steep decline in your rankings for 3 or more months.

I’m a happy camper! Can I keep going after my one year is up?

We would love to have you stay! If you are happy, and want to keep going, even after you have hit the top, we can extend your contract indefinitely.

The tricky part about being number one is that everyone else wants to be where you are, and there’s only one direction for you to go. Let us keep doing our job, and make your positioning untouchable!

After your 12 month contract expires you can keep using our services on a month to month basis. The only thing we ask is for a little bit of notice if you decide to suspend or cancel your service.

Also, you can contact us and we can set up a’la carte services. Do you only want scans? Maybe only our citation services? Let us know, and we can make it work!

Do I own my website after your design or upgrade it?

100% yes!

When we finish any initial design or overhaul on your website, we immediately send you a thumb drive with easy install files.

A full digital copy of your website can be requested at any time.

After the completion of any contract or service, or cancellation / suspension of service, we keep your files for six months, and can send them to you digitally at any time.

What is your monthly reporting, and how do I access it?

Our detailed monthly reports include all the information we have about the performance of your website. Although they are quite long, we suggest you at least take a quick look at them every month.

It is our job to decipher the data.

Our reports are delivered to our clients on the 15th of every month. They are delivered via email in a PDF format.

Do you utilize any proprietary tactics that are not mentioned here?

A whole lot of them! SEO is fluid, and the Google algorithm is ever changing. To keep up with the times, we are in a constant state research and testing. Just as your business evolves to meet trends and new ways of doing things, so does ours!
We also have a handful of proprietary methods that keep our clients’ websites at the top. We can’t tell you what they are 😉

How is 462 different from other paid services?

First off, we work in the cleaning industry. We know what your needs are, and don’t simply adhere to what we hear on SEO blogs aimed at SEOs working on national / global campaigns.

Your business is not Coca Cola or Walmart. Your business is local, and success in YOUR local area is paramount.

We know how to achieve this. We have done it with our company (Triple C Pro Window Cleaning), as well as over a dozen others

Second, we are fully hands-on. We don’t outsource work, or have hired hands doing the important aspect of our work. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. 462’s owner, Chris Cartwright, is fully in control of the operation. He does all consultations, setup, implementation and monitoring personally. You will always be able to ask Chris a question personally, and not be diverted through some corporate structure to get answers.

Third, we document everything, and make sure that you are 100% kept in the loop. Our reporting is thorough and honest. Anything you pay for is yours to keep, not taken away from you if you stop paying.

Finally, what we do WORKS! Don’t believe us? Ask your friends!

Are the changes you make permanent?


Unless you specifically ask us to change something back, or edit your website, all changes are permanent and owned by you.

All off page SEO is permanent as well. As long as the source of the data doesn’t get bought out, drop the ball, or go under, anything we do is owned by you. We never revert the work we have done.

What kind of access do I have to my website? Can I make changes?

You will have automatic access to the back end of your WordPress installation. We recommend that you use this access only to add to your blogs, pages and content. We don’t suggest that you edit, delete or change any content or structure that we have provided, as we will have to charge a fee to fix it.

FTP, WordPress core files and MySql database access can be provided to advanced users with good reason to be using these tools.

Do you post on social media on my behalf?


Our goal is not to keep you Facebook or Instagram relevant. Our sole purpose is to move your website up in Google and major search engine rankings.

We believe that posting irrelevant “fluff” content to your social media profile waters down your brand.

You may work on your social media profiles if they are working for you, but our research has shown that in our industry social media is not an effective tool for local search engine SEO.

So-and-so keep calling me offering the 1st page of Google, what do I do?

Nobody can guarantee the first page of Google, #1 on Google etc. Anyone who does is full of it.

We don’t even guarantee first page or number one. 100% of the time, one of the two happens, if not both, but we don’t sell you by promising it.

Remember – Good SEO people don’t find you, you find them.

I‘ve heard you don’t write blogs for me. Can I do this on my own?


Although blog writing is not a necessary part of our prescription, feel free to write them if you so feel inclined!

Our WordPress interface makes blogging easy!

What kind of information will you need access to?

Enough to get us up and running, including:

Domain registrar login info, WordPress logins, email logins, access to your Google business accounts, access to your webhost, if its not a reseller.

We have NDA (non disclosure agreements) readily available for your peace of mind. We never sell, lend, give or disclose any information to anyone. We also keep your information in a secure place.l