We’re almost there!

Please take the time to go through your website page by page and look for any errors, omissions, falsehoods or changes that need to be made.

We take every step to make sure that your new website is in pretty good shape by now, but after a few weeks of looking at it, our eyes may deceive us and not properly see anything that we may have missed.

In the music industry, there is a mantra… “Never do your own mastering”. When an artist spends weeks, months or years recording an album, their ears hear things in a different way, so it is a good idea for someone with fresh ears to give it a listen before releasing it to the public.

This is the same basic idea, only with a website 🙂

***NOTE*** The form below has room for 5 entries. If there are more edits that you would like to make, simply refresh the page AFTER SENDING THE FORM TO US and use a fresh form.